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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. So, what is Tap Rebels all about?


A. Tap Rebels is a movement in support of craft beer and brewers that make them. Because of distribution laws and limited resources, most beer made in micro and nano breweries is never bottled. Unless you live close to the brewery, you’ll never taste their delicious creations. We’re trying to change that by sending this hard to get beer out in awesome Rebel Boxes.


Q. What do I get if I sign up?


A. Our subscription box is called the Rebel Box. It includes:

          -An assortment of beer from lightly or non-distributed microbreweries in the U.S., as well as beer swag. If we have more beer one month, you'll get less swag. If we have less beer one month (because of brewery fulfillment issues), you'll get more swag. Either way, you will ALWAYS get beer. Always. That's a personal guarantee from our majestic Bear Deer, Bruno T. Hopsin, head of Customer Satisfaction and Relations.

          -Notes on the beer and the brewer that makes each of them, including pairing notes/recipes.

Q. Why can't I just get a six pack every month?


A. We get this a lot. Other beer companies guarantee a six or 12 pack of bottles every months. But what's different about us is that we specifically look for beers that aren't easy to find. The beers we get for the box either have a limited distribution (no more than a few states in their region) or no distribution at all. Because of this, we can't always guarantee that we're going to deliver 8 bottles or 8 cans. Sometimes, we get tallboys. Sometimes, we get bombers or crowlers. So instead of saying 8 pack, we send our members the equivalent of an 8 pack. It's about 96 ounces of beer every month.

Q. How does membership work?


A. You sign up on our website for a 3, 6 or 12 month term and the Rebel Box will be delivered to you every month. Signing up for a longer term will give you a cheaper price per month.


Q. Where do you get the beer?


A. It depends. We’re in a unique position where we can buy directly from the brewery if we need to. That being said, not every brewery has the ability to bottle or can enough of a specific beer to meet our members demands. As a rule, we get beer from breweries that have zero or very limited distribution. We cannot guarantee that every beer you get will be a beer you’ve never tasted before (We don’t know your life!), but it will be a beer that MOST beer enthusiasts will never have seen.


Q. So you don’t deal with distributors at all?


A. Incorrect. We have the ability to work with beer distributors and wholesalers, and we do. But, again, we’re looking for small batch, limited release, hard-to-find beers from small breweries, Very few of them have a wide distribution. If a beer is being produced, shipped and sold in more than 3 states, chances are, we won’t carry it. We’re in it for the little guys. Also, we are the little guys.


Q. I like beer, but I’m not ready for a beer subscription. What else do you do?


A. First of all, we respect your decision, but we really feel like you should work on your commitment issues. You have to be willing to put yourself out there sometimes. Secondly, you can always buy beer from our bottle shop. That will be singular bottles of very rare beer that we can only get in extremely small quantities. That beer will be cheaper if you're a subscriber to the Rebel Box, but it's still a good price if you're not. Also, we are working on a gift box option. The gift box will include 6 hand selected beers (usually whatever the subscription beers are that particular month) and additional items that can be tailored to your needs. Gift Boxes will be launching shortly.


Q: Can you ship to me in (insert state name here)?


A. This is a tricky one. Federal law allows us to ship beer but state law, and sometimes even county law, is much different. At this time, we are only able to ship to the states highlighted on the map. If you see your state, congrats! We can send you beer! If it isn’t, unfortunately, our hands our tied. We can send you our other products, but we cannot send you alcohol.










Keep checking back! We keep an eye out for changes in the law and your state could be on the list soon!

Q. Why can’t I join the club right now?


A. We’re glad you’re eager to join! Unfortunately, we’re still working on getting the infrastructure in place to support our members. We also have to get legal clearance for all of the states we ship to. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of time. We will open membership, on a limited basis, in just a few months. See you soon!

Legal Stuff:

Business is business, folks. Here's the stuff we have to say:

You must be 21 or older to become a member of Tap Rebels beer club. If you sign up for a subscription, you are representing yourself to us a person over the age of 21.

We are required to use adult signature service from our shipping carrier. That means that at the time of delivery, you will be asked for your ID from the shipping company. 

If the recipient is found to be under the age of 21 by the shipping company, the order will be returned to us and no refund will be given. No boxes will be left at the door and/or unsigned for in person. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We cannot ship to PO Boxes, APO/FPO addresses, Mail Boxes, or internationally. We are not responsible for any product that will go bad during shipping.

We are not responsible for beers damaged by weather conditions. 

No returns are allowed.

We would love to ship beer to all 50 states. In fact, that's a huge goal of ours. However, there are some states that won't allow us to send you beer. We make our best effort to comply with each state's individual laws, but laws are changing all the time. That being said, it is your responsibility to know the individual beer laws in your state.

WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! We would love to ship beer to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or even Canada, but we don't have the infrastructure to do that yet. If and when that changes, we will let you know.

Making a subscription purchase on this website makes you a member of the Tap Rebels Beer Club. All purchases that take place on this website are purchased from Tap Rebels, LLC in Washington, District of Columbia.


For more information on shipping and receiving beer, please read our Terms and Conditions Page.